Theme routes

  • In the footsteps of Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and other remarkable figures

Let us remember Kafka’s childhood, let us visit places of his studies and his initial work experiences. Let us have a cup of coffee in a place that he frequented with Egon Erwin Kisch and then let us conclude by visiting a museum devoted to his life.

We will reminisce the sound of Mozart’s operas under the arcades of the Estates Theater. We will visit places where he used to reside and play and especially where he felt  a certain closeness  to the locals.

Where is the bust of Ernst Denis? Where did Charles Camille Saint-Saens play for the locals? Where did Auguste Rodin have a vernissage? What captivated Le Corbusier in Prague of 1928? We will answer all these questions while walking in French footsteps.

Has Charlie Chaplin ever performed in Prague? Has Marlene Dietrich ever visited this city? Have Isadora Duncan or Josephine Baker ever danced here? We will find answers while pursuing the American footsteps.

  • Pursuing Prague’s architectural jewels, from the very beginning until today

Where in Prague do we find the oldest stone structures? By way of which window did the Gothic style come to Prague? Where in Prague do we have the most breathtaking renaissance building north of the Alps? Has the jewel of Baroque really been built over more than 50 years? How many buildings in Prague are neo-classical and how many are Art Nouveau? Are there any sporadic structures built in the rondo-cubism style in Prague? And what structures does Prague of the 20th and 21st centuries offer to us? We will find answers to all these questions on our walk to the House of the Lords of Kunstat,the Commons Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, Belvedere (Royal Summer Palace), the St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Estates Theater, the  Municipal House, the House of the Black Madonna or the Villa Mueller or the Dancing House..


  • Prague galleries, museums and theaters

At your request we can arrange tickets for exhibits, concerts, theater performances and other cultural venues in and around Prague

  • Czech Republic

Let us explore the diversity and beautiful nature of the Czech Republic

To Cesky Krumlov where not only Egon Schiele lived but so did the most powerful noble family that produced a few loonies.

To the romantic confluence of our biggest rivers, to the city of Melnik, where we can visit one of the oldest Czech churches and then we can conclude by savoring a glass of blush wine from local castle vineyards.

Did you know that in the Czech Republic we have a total of four cathedrals ? Two of them were built in Kutna Hora. One of them is the largest structure of its type in the Czech Republic. By the way we can also visit a local café here so that you can enjoy an absolutely fantastic apple strudel.


We can also visit other places located in the vicinity of Prague. Throughout the history kings and other rulers spent time to get a rest there, to reflect on life and God and revel in hunting expeditions.



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